I was born in the city of Detroit and grew up in Hastings, Michigan, a rural town of 7,000 people. If I were talking to you in person, I’d just point to the right and left side of my palm to show you exactly where.

I attended University of Michigan and received a BSE in Computer Science.  After that, I headed out to the Pac NW, where I worked as an interaction designer in Seattle at Blink UX for a couple years. I decided that I wanted to return to school and embarked on a PhD at Georgia Tech. During that time, I interned at Google with the App Inventor team. I defended my dissertation in July of 2012.

Longing to bring life to my home state, I moved back to Michigan and am a founder/worker-owner of Sassafras Tech Collective. I research, design, and build technology with organizations such as The Carter Center, Hollaback, and Columbia University.

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